Leaderboards and weekly competitions in 8 Ball Pool

We’re very excited to unveil a big new feature in 8 Ball Pool…  leaderboards

This is your chance to prove who’s the very best with a cue in their hand! Every week, you’ll be able to see how you compare to your friends, other players in your country, and every 8 Baller in the entire world.

But there’s not just pride at stake… finishing in the top 3 of the weekly competition leaderboards will win you some big prizes. Leaderboards are now live on mobile and will be coming to web in the future.

Climb the leaderboards to win big prizes!

Climb the leaderboards to win big prizes!

Win Pool Cash and more

As well as exclusive achievements, defeating your friends will win you bonus Pool Coins. But finish in the top 3 in your country and you’ll be looking at a massive Pool Cash prize! And, if you’ve got the skills to be number 1 in the world… there’s 1,500 Pool Cash waiting for you.

So how can you get to the top of the leaderboards? It’s all based on how many Pool Coins you can win in the week.

A few rules

There’s a few things that you need to know before you start climbing those leaderboards.

  • Winnings from All-In don’t count towards this, as this would give players with big coin balances a huge advantage in getting to the top. Tournaments, Friend Challenges and 1v1 wins are the way to go.
  • You can’t play the same user more than once. Only wins against unique players will count towards your leaderboard score.
  • Coins won in Spin & Win, Scratch & Win or Hi/Lo also don’t count towards your leaderboard score, nor do Coins purchased from the Pool Shop.
  • You need at least 1 friend in your Friends List in order to win a prize on the Friends Leaderboard.

You’ll need to check in to the game to collect your prize – so if you’ve had a good week, don’t miss out!

Play your friends

Weekly competitions with friends are a great way to show off your skills – especially if you finish ahead of them all!

You can only win a prize if you have at least 1 friend in your friends list – so invite some of your friends and play some pool!

When you win a match, you’ll get the glory of seeing yourself passing friends in the leaderboard… although you’ll also be told if your friends go past you 😉

Let’s Play Some Pool

These weekly competition leaderboards are out now to 8 Ball Pool on mobile, and will arrive on web after. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and the official @8ballpool Twitter account for all the latest details.

Think you’re the best 8 Ball Pool player in the world? Time to prove it!


Bike Rivals: see it in action

Bike Rivals: see it in action!

We’ve been fine-tuning Bike Rivals over the last few weeks, and it’s getting ready to hit your mobile device – so we thought this would be a great time show you the game in action for the very first time with our brand new and exclusive trailer!

Bike Rivals is all about extreme speed, insane stunts, and wild crashes. It’s a race to the finish line across tons of tracks, each with their own distinct layout and hazards. In our next blog we’ll be taking a closer look at the tracks – but in the meantime take a look at the game in action now in our exclusive trailer!

Bike Rivals is planned for release this summer on iOS, Android, and Miniclip.com. Got a question about the game? Hit the comment button!

Bike Rivals Launch Blog Post

8 Ball Pool Community Update, June 2014

Greetings, 8 Ballers! Let’s take a look at what’s new in the world of 8 Ball Pool this month. We’ve got a few new things to tell you about, plus some of our favorite content created by YOU, the players!

Choose your language

Choose your language from the Settings menu.

Choose your language from the Settings menu.

We just launched language options in 8 Ball Pool on web – head to the Settings menu and choose your language! The game is now available in English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

We hope to add more languages to 8 Ball Pool in the future – if there’s one you think should be in there, let us know in the comments!

Challenge settings

Are you the kind of 8 Baller who just wants to play their friends? We’ve added the option to ignore challenge requests from people who aren’t on your friends list, giving you much greater control over who you play against. It’s set to “Accept challenges from Everyone” by default, but you can tweak it in the Settings menu.

Prefer to just play your friends? Set Accept Challenges to Friends Only.

Prefer to just play your friends? Set Accept Challenges to Friends Only.

Hi-Lo mini game

A new mini-game just landed on 8 Ball Pool on web: Hi-Lo. It’s simple to play: just predict whether the next ball is going to be higher or lower than the last one.

You need to get 4 in a row correct to reach the first Cashout milestone of 500 Pool Coins – but the further you go, the bigger the prize, right up to the jackpot of 250,000 coins. Once you’ve got past the first milestone, you can choose to Cashout at any point – so if you don’t fancy your chances of getting the next one right, you can bank your current prize. Be careful – if you get one wrong, you’ll be back down to 0.

New Trickshot Masterclass

We just released the new trickshot masterclass, featuring some mighty fine shots from Farha, Kaleem, knightshade9910, Aleksandros, Dusko and Subject 16. Check it out!

Hi-Lo is a new minigame on web, coming soon to mobile.

Hi-Lo is a new minigame on web, coming soon to mobile.

We had some amazing shots sent to us after we’d made this video, so if you’ve sent us one, don’t worry! It may well appear in the next masterclass.

Want to know how to make a trickshot? Don’t miss our How To post, featuring a video tutorial from trickshot expert, Kilkiju.

Best tweets

Thousands of you are sharing tweets about 8 Ball Pool every day – here are some of our favorites from the last few weeks. Don’t forget, you can find us on Twitter on @8ballpool!

It’s the ultimate test of character.

No guidelines or boosts in real life 😦

Sounds good to us.

It’s what mobiles were invented for, right?

Good, but three is even better…

If your tweet has been featured in our Best Tweets round-up, and you’d rather it wasn’t – just email social at miniclip.com and we’ll remove it 🙂

Soccer Stars

Finally this month… we just launched a new mobile game that we think you’ll like, called Soccer Stars. Check it out for free on Android and iOS – join the thousands of players who are scoring great goals today!

That’s all for this month – don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page to get all the latest 8 Ball Pool news and info in the meantime!

8 Ball Pool Community Update, May 2014

Welcome to our monthly round-up of cool stuff from the 8 Ball Pool community! Let’s get the (cue) ball rolling with a big change that we’ve just made to Beat The Boss.

7 people find themselves 50 Pool Cash richer after beating Big Rob last Friday.

7 people find themselves 50 Pool Cash richer after beating Big Rob last Friday.

Beat the Boss, Win Pool Cash

Last week we made a change to our Beat The Boss events – for the first time ever, there’s now a Pool Cash prize up for grabs for anyone who can beat Miniclip CEO, Big Rob! Yup, after every event we’ll be giving 50 Pool Cash to every Boss Beater, as well as the super-exclusive Beat The Boss award.

Want to play? Check out our FAQs for the details – but just bear in mind that Big Rob gets hundreds of challenges at once! He always accepts the first one he receives (watch one of our Twitch streams if you don’t believe us 😉 ) and he’ll try to get through as many games as possible – good luck!

Best 8 Ball Pool Tweets

We get some pretty funny tweets sent to us at @8ballpool from the community, so we thought we’d round up a few into one place for you to see. Here’s one of our favorites.

You can read the full roundup here.

Just in case you didn't get the message... you can now win 50 Pool Cash by beating Big Rob.

Just in case you didn’t get the message… you can now win 50 Pool Cash by beating Big Rob.

Brand New Trickshot Masterclass

We swear you guys are getting better at trickshots every day. Some of the videos we receive make us go “woah” and we have to sit here watching and re-watching the vid to try and work out what just happened. We’ve put together some of our recent faves into the latest Trickshot Masterclass – check it out!

The Cinco de Mayo cue was a shiny limited-edition cue in May... there's another cool cue on the way!

The Cinco de Mayo cue was a shiny limited-edition cue in May… there’s another cool cue on the way!

Got a shot that you’ve recorded and want to share? Put it on YouTube and send us the link either as a Facebook message to the official 8 Ball Pool page, or email it to social at miniclip dot com. Just remember that we get sent a lot of shots, so we might not be able to use every one – but we’ll try!

Already sent us a shot, and it’s not in this masterclass? Don’t worry, there’s a good chance it’ll appear in the next one… which we’re working on at the moment 🙂

Trickshot fail

Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you’d planned. Thanks to Labib555 for not being too embarrassed to share this with everyone 😉

Kunal908 made this amazing pic to celebrate us hitting 10 million Facebook fans. Thanks, Kunal!

Kunal908 made this amazing pic to celebrate us hitting 10 million Facebook fans. Thanks, Kunal!

Where do you play?

We asked our Facebook fans – where do you play 8 Ball Pool? On the bus, at home, at school, at work… or somewhere else?

Who knew so many played 8 Ball Pool while in the bathroom! Some people play in bed, some at home… and plenty play at work when their bosses aren’t looking. Check out the comments on our Facebook post! Where do you play?

What next?

こんにちは! Did you know that our most recent update introduced Japanese and Korean language versions of the game? 

What’s next for 8 Ball Pool? We have some very cool stuff on the way, which we should have a lot more info about in time for the next Community update. It’s something that we’re sure our most competitive 8 Ballers are going to really love… as always, look out for news on our official Twitter feed, and on the official 8 Ball Pool Facebook page.

In the meantime – let’s play some Pool!

8 Ball Community Update, April 2014

It’s been a busy month in 8 Ball Pool, with plenty of new features added to the game. Also this month, we wanted to address a popular topic among the community – chat.

Chat Packs can be found in the Pool Shop.

Chat Packs can be found in the Pool Shop.

Chat Packs

You can now customize your chat phrases in the game, with the new Chat Packs that were recently introduced. You can ask your opponent “Best of 3?” with the Rematch pack, cheer them on with the Motivational pack (“You’re awesome!”) or even give them a bit of a gentle mocking with the Competitive pack (“In your face!”).

Of course, you could always use the Motivational pack in a sarcastic way (“Best shot ever!” as your opponent sinks the white) but we definitely, 100% do not endorse that. Nope. Really.

Hey, why not just give us free chat?

It’s a question that we’ve seen get debated among players for some time – so we thought this would be a good time to reiterate our thoughts on unrestricted “free” chat.

We want 8 Ball Pool to stay fast, fun and friendly – a game that can be enjoyed by players from all around the world, no matter what their age or ability. It is a competitive game, we recognize that, but we never want that competitiveness to stray away from the fun experience of a quick game of pool.

Just like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, which has adopted a similar “chat phrases” build to 8 Ball Pool, we don’t want anyone’s enjoyment of the game to be harmed by the risks of abuse or offensive language that come with having unrestricted chat. Even a “censored” chat won’t solve that problem as people may find ways to be abusive without using censored words. Similarly, a “report” function is a reactive measure – it doesn’t stop people from being offended or abused in the first place.

Re-order your chat phrases in the Settings menu.

Re-order your chat phrases in the Settings menu.

We did want to give you the opportunity to add more depth and customization to the chat phrases that are available to you, and we feel that the Chat Packs are the best way to do this while still keeping the game fun and friendly. Yes, we have included a few “competitive” phrases like “Watch and learn!” because 8 Ball Pool is a competitive multiplayer game – but we wanted to reflect that while removing the risk of people being offended or upset while playing our game.

Remember also that 8 Ball Pool is a fast-paced game where you have seconds, not minutes, to take your shot – typing out custom messages will slow down the game and leave you waiting for your opponent to send you a message and then take their shot.

We know that there are plenty of players out there who recognize these problems with free chat, and we’ve been following the debates on our Facebook page. To all our players, we thank you for your support and understanding – and hope that you’ll find a phrase you’re looking for among the new Chat Packs, and continue enjoying 8 Ball Pool.

Chat Pack Protips

There’s also two things you might not have noticed about the new Chat Packs.

Firstly, you can re-order the list of phrases in the Settings menu. Just head over there and drag the phrases around to suit your personal tastes – this will make it much easier to find your favorite phrases when you’re in a hurry.

Secondly, if you’d rather not hear from your opponent at all… you can turn off the Chat phrases completely. Just set Chat to “Off” and you’re good to go.

Practice your no-guideline skills on mobile.

Practice your no-guideline skills on mobile.

Sharpen your no-guideline skills

If you play 8 Ball Pool on mobile, you’re probably well aware of the Play Offline mode. We just added a new feature to this: you can turn off the guidelines and practice without them.

This means you can improve your no-guideline skills without having to stump up the entry fee for a high-ranking tournament or 1v1 tier that doesn’t use guidelines. Then, when you feel like going for a big prize, you’ll know that you’re ready for it. Sharpen those skills, 8 Ballers!

New All In awards

This award will be yours if you've got the skills to win an All In match.

This award will be yours if you’ve got the skills to win an All In match.

 There are now a couple of new awards available for anyone who plays an All In match on mobile – Winner Keeps It All and Go For Broke. One you earn for winning an All In match… and we think you can probably guess how you get the other one 😉

@8ballpool on Twitter

The official 8 Ball Pool Twitter account has had a name-change from @poolbyminiclip to @8ballpoolSo if you want to tweet us any questions, suggestions or cool pics/videos – or you just want to say hi – that’s the handle to use.

Double Coins Weekend

If you’re looking to boost your coin stash… this weekend (25th-27th April), we’re doubling the amount of coins you get on selected bundles from the Pool Shop.

That’s all for this month 8 Ballers – as always, hit that Post Comment button if you’ve got anything you want to say about any of the above.

Miniclip Roundup #5 – Games, Twitch and indie interviews

Hey Miniclippers! We’ve been as busy as ever this month, and we’ve got plenty of new things to tell you about.

We're developing a game based on the amazing Beast Quest fantasy books.

We’re developing a game based on the amazing Beast Quest fantasy books.

Miniclip News

Let’s kick off with BEAST QUEST! We’re very pleased to announce that we’re going to be developing a game based on the hugely-popular Beast Quest fantasy adventure books. We’re going to be bringing the amazing world of Adam Blade’s books to life in a mobile game later this year. We’re already sharpening our swords in anticipation, this one is going to be awesome.

Also this month: we were proud to support the charity Sport Relief by creating a special Pool Coins bundle in 8 Ball Pool, and donating a minimum of £2.10 from every bundle sold straight to the charity. The money raised from each bundle could feed 4 children living on the streets in India for one day, and we were delighted that over £2,000 was raised in total for the charity. You can find out more about the campaign in this press release.

Oh, and one other thing we did this month: we went to Casual Connect Europe, and interviewed some awesome indie developers and got a little showcase of their games. We chatted about the high points of being a game developer, what their favourite-ever games were, and what their high-scores were in Flappy Bird (not much, sadly). Check out the interviews in our exclusive video!

Over £2,000 was raised for the charity Sport Relief through 8 Ball Pool.

Over £2,000 was raised for the charity Sport Relief through 8 Ball Pool.

New games

Ninjas, big swords, and hundreds of zombies. Yup, that's Ninja Slash.

Ninjas, big swords, and hundreds of zombies. Yup, that’s Ninja Slash.

One of our favorite games of this month, and the subject of our company-wide score contest, has been Ninja Slash. A mission-based hack-and-slash runner, with an awesome art style, Ninja Slash is a game for those with lightning-fast reflexes as you slice-and-dice your way through hundreds of kooky zombie enemies. To rack up the highest scores you’ll need to complete missions to boost your multiplier – our current leader in the Miniclip offices has over 900,000 points (!). Apparently he spent all weekend playing the game. It is kinda addictive.

We also released a new basketball game to get you all in the mood for March Madness. Basketball Jam Shots has you shooting hoops with a difference…with fiery backdrops instead of packed stadiums, and some very sneaky defenders who aren’t averse to lowering the height of the rim or even flipping it round 180 degrees to stop your shot. But if you can get round their tricks you’ll get a chance to sink a shot from the halfway line to really up your score.

Bait and Switch has been one our popular releases this month. You play as a warrior worm defending yourself from waves of hungry fish who won’t stop until they’ve taken a chunk out of you! Upgrade your weapons and gain poison, time and freeze abilities to get the upper hand over your foes. Even with an arsenal of weaponry and your special abilities, you’ll still need to keep on your toes to survive the ever-increasing waves of enemies that will be coming your way. Wait, do worms have toes?

Lego CHIMA is one of our newest massively-multiplayer online games. Once a pristine, natural paradise, the world of Chima has become a battleground for eight animal tribes, and you can build and customize your own Lego kingdom. There’s a huge open world to explore, with missions to complete and secret areas to discover. Completing missions allows to you to develop and improve your character with new skills and even better equipment.

Build and battle in Lego CHIMA.

Build and battle in Lego CHIMA.

Crash & Burn walkthrough video

With Crash & Burn proving to be one of the most-played games on Miniclip in March, we’ve had a few questions from our players about where they could find those 25 hidden packages. So, we put together a video walkthrough to guide you to them all. We’ve also thrown in the location of the super-secret trophy, and a quick demonstration of how to take out the high-flying zeppelin. Boom!


Come join our growing Twitch community! If you didn’t already know, Twitch is a video platform and gaming community where gamers from all over the world broadcast streams of themselves playing games. Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past few months, you’ll have seen our Beat The Boss events in 8 Ball Pool, where you – the players – can take on Miniclip CEO Big Rob.

We’ve recently started livestreaming these on Twitch so you guys can watch the event live and join the conversation in our channel’s Chat Room! In future, we will be looking to stream more than just 8 Ball Pool, so keep an eye on this space to see what else is in store!

Zero Gravity is our explosive new space shooter.

Zero Gravity is our explosive new space shooter.

Zero Gravity interview

Zero Gravity is our newest game on Miniclip.com, and was created by our very own Associate Producer Jamie Joseph.  He took some time (out of his very busy schedule) to have an interview about how the idea for Zero Gravity came about, and how it went from concept to a full game on Miniclip. Find out all about it here.

Winner Takes All in 8 Ball Pool

All In mode is the newest mode for 8 Ball Pool Mobile, allowing players to win big in the highest of high-stake games.  To win an All-in match you have to win two consecutive games, so no pressure guys! For more info on All In mode, and all the latest developments in 8 Ball Pool, don’t miss our monthly community updates.


Are you ready to go All In?

Are you ready to go All In?

Now that the weather is getting warmer, don’t forget to take your gaming outside and enjoy some sunshine while you play 🙂

lunch in the sun