Miniclip and the World Cup

Miniclip is distinctly World Cup themed at the moment – and, with our offices in Switzerland, Portugal and the UK, we wanted to find out which nation at this year’s World Cup had the best support… and who we think will be lifting the trophy in a few weeks’ time!

Here’s the results of our little staff survey.


Who are we supporting?

It turns out that, of the 32 teams who are battling it out in Brazil, an impressive 11 can count on support back in the Miniclip offices. Among those, we have a scattering of fans of Greece, Japan, Nigeria, Colombia and the USA in our ranks, and at least one Germany fan who will be hoping they can go a couple of steps further than in 2010.

Our four Spain fans are presumably not feeling too great this morning (shame we don’t have any Chile fans in our offices right now), but our die-hard Switzerland fans – split between our Neuchâtel and London offices – are still on a high from that dramatic late win against Ecuador.

We’ve got a couple of Brazil fans who will be feeling pretty good about their team’s chances at the moment… but then we get to the big hitters in terms of support.

It’s an unlikely final face-off between England and Portugal for Miniclip’s support… and it’s close! But in the end, Miniclip’s number 1 supported team at this year’s World Cup, by a score of 22 to 20, is… ENGLAND.


England are Miniclip’s best-supported team at the World Cup, with Portugal in 2nd.

Who will be the champions?

As you’d expect, there wasn’t a huge amount of variety from the Miniclip hive mind as to will win the World Cup this year. Of the outsiders, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands drew a single vote each – although we fancy rather more might be voting for the Netherlands now after those two awesome performances.

Speaking of hindsight… the second-most fancied team are Spain, the defending champions who were knocked out before we could even finish this blog post! To be fair to the 14 Miniclippers who voted for Spain, most professional pundits had them among the top teams too.

Three other teams attracted multiple votes – the Messi-inspired Argentina, the always-dangerous Germany, and then Portugal, which suggests that that our Lisbon office is definitely the most patriotic.

But the overall favourite? Well, there could be only one, couldn’t there. With home advantage, and players like Neymar and Oscar in their ranks, Miniclip has voted BRAZIL as the most likely winners of the 2014 World Cup!

Our Portugal office is the most patriotic.

Our Portugal office is the most patriotic.

And finally

You may have noticed one name missing from the “who will be champions?” list. Yup, despite having an office in London, and 22 people supporting them, not one single person thinks England will win the World Cup, making our Three Lions fans officially the most pessimistic / realistic in the entire world.

Who do YOU think is going to win the World Cup? And good luck to all the teams out in Brazil!

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Calabash Bros: Community SFX winner!

“Let’s go!”

As we were getting ready to release our new tactical tower defense game, Calabash Bros, we realized that we were missing something – a sound effect for the most popular unit in the game, the hardy footsoldier. We asked the Miniclip community – could they come up with a sound effect of their own to give to the game?

We had tons of entries from players all around the world, all wanting to get their sound – and their name – into Calabash Bros. We had some epic battle cries, some rousing music, and some stomping feet SFX. We had military-style commands like “Your orders, sir!”, “Attack them now!” and even “Bash them, my mighty warriors!”


But the winning sound was one that not only sounded good, but also best-fit the criteria that we were looking for in our chosen SFX. As we pointed out, it needed to be a short sound no longer than a couple of seconds – the footsoldier is the most common unit in the game, so the sound will be played a lot of times. It had to be something fun and appropriate for a soldier rocking up to battle, but also something that didn’t sound a little odd on the fiftieth or sixtieth play.

So, our congratulations go out to Rubuen Bilan-Carroll for his SFX, “Let’s go!” It was carefully selected by our games team and community team, after much discussion and deliberation. Thanks, Rubuen, and thanks to everyone who entered! We loved hearing all your creations.

Want to know what the winning entry sounds like? Start up Calabash Bros now and start recruiting some soldiers!

Calabash Bros sound effect by Rubuen Bilan-Carroll!

Calabash Bros sound effect by Rubuen Bilan-Carroll!

Man Or Monster: Out Now!

It’s time. The wait is over. Man Or Monster has been unleashed – play it now!

We’ve followed the development of Man Or Monster from the humble beginnings of the Man to the rampaging, super-destructive Monsters. There are tons of great cities that you can protect or destroy, with cool items to collect and achievements to get. From London to Tokyo, you can use boats, planes and turrets to protect the world if you’re playing as the Man, or power-up and stomp buildings to bits as the Monster.

Look out for all the homages to iconic monster films and old-school videogames that we’ve included!

Day One Award

Oh, and, if you play Man Or Monster on launch day (May 22nd), there’s a special Day One award for you to win. All you need to do is play the game, beat the first level (Amsterdam) playing as either the Man or the Monster, and then hit submit score.

Remember that you need to submit your score immediately after beating the Amsterdam level in order to get the award – not after beating any other level. Good luck out there!

Man or Monster?

So here we are – the game is live and ready for you to play. Only one question remains to be answered… who will you be, Man or Monster? Choose… and join the action!


Still here?

Wait, you haven’t gone to play Man or Monster yet? Okay then – how about watching our final trailer video, or checking out some of the developer blogs that outline the whole process of making Man or Monster, start to finish?

Or – why not add Man or Monster to your own website? Head to our webmasters page to find out how!

Man Or Monster: Launch Blog Post

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 1: Building A World

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 2: Who’s the Man?

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 3: The Monsters!

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 4: See the Sights

Man or Monster Developer Blog 5: Almost Ready!

Man Or Monster Developer Blog #5: Almost Ready!

UPDATE: Man or Monster has been unleashed! PLAY NOW!

It’s nearly time to unleash Man Or Monster onto Miniclip! In the last of our developer blog series, we chatted to Diederik Groesbeek about putting the finishing touches to our epic new game.

Finishing touches

“Man Or Monster is almost ready to go! We’re in the last stages of development now, which is basically fixing some final bugs and glitches, and tweaking and balancing. This is one of the most important stages – when you’ve built the game and pretty much everything in it, but then you have to make sure it’s as fun to play as you hoped.

Getting the Monster camera setup right was tricky – the Monsters are so huge, and we want players to have that sense of size when they’re playing, but not to have them blocking your view as you’re stomping around!

Finding bugs themselves is not that hard – it’s usually the small tweaks that are the trickiest. When you’re so ‘into’ the project as we have been with Man Or Monster, your brain can overlook stuff that’s incredibly obvious for new players. For example: we almost forgot to mention in the tutorial what the actual goal of the game is!

Actually, we did have one bug that we thought made the game better, so it has stayed in! When we first implemented the AI for minions (the black spider-like critters), it surprised us how spooky it was for them to just pop onto buildings and suddenly attack you. So rather than fix this, we made it part of the game.”

You wouldn't want to find THESE in your bath.

You wouldn’t want to find THESE in your bath.

Looking back

“We’re really happy with how Man or Monster has turned out. It has the retro style that we were aiming for, like an old 2D game come to life. At first, we had some doubts with the gameplay for the Monster, but we’ve tweaked quite a bit since then and added a few new features, so we’re glad with how it’s turned out. As for the Man part of the game, we’re proud of getting the right feature set for this mode – we think you’ll have a lot of fun no matter which side you choose!

Probably the biggest challenge was setting up the art pipeline. That, and to keep making the right decisions on which features to implement and which ones we had to pass on. During development, a lot of people got very excited about the gameplay and so between us we had a lot of ideas!”

“Of course, with big projects like this, there’s always a few things we’d have liked to have included but didn’t have chance. We thought about things like being able to control military units yourself when playing as the Man (they have their own AI in the final version), and maybe allowing the Monster to do some taunts and roars at the end of a round for bonus points! This is in addition to the obvious stuff like multiplayer and Oculus Rift support 😉

But overall, we’re delighted with what we’ve managed to pack into the game. Probably my favorite thing is watching the Monster get destroyed after you’ve deployed loads of units like jetfighters and zeppelins. The pure mayhem and chaos you can create is pretty impressive… and very satisfying.

My favorite monster is still T-Wrecks (formerly known as Bad Browser). He’s purple and looks like a guy in a monster suit, inspired by old B-movies.”



Man or a Monster – Tips

“Some gameplay tips? Well, if you’re playing as the Man, the main tip is to stay clear of the Monster at all times! If you haven’t upgraded your hearts, he can kill you in a second – so hunt for those parachutes and crates as they may contain additional power-ups.

Don’t stand too close to the more valuable units you’ve placed, as sometimes the Monster throws a fireball at you which in turn will wipe out your precious units before they’ve even had chance to fire. Oh, and finally, place units in open places where they have a good line-of-sight on the Monster.

As the Monster: stock up on stuff like fireballs to destroy buildings from a distance, or give you the edge against Mammoth Tanks and Tesla Coils in the later levels. Equip the shield special attack frequently, and use the bursts to get rid of smaller units around you, like the helicopters.

Also, you might want to try the Red Rage power in combination with other special attacks like the dash, body slam or spin attack – this will do some serious damage to a block of buildings.

Save the world, or destroy it?

“If Man Or Monster was real… I’d save the world, of course! Mainly because I’d love to fly a jetpack one day.”

Man or Monster is in the final stages of development! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out news of its release date. Roar!

Man Or Monster: Launch Blog Post

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 1: Building A World

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Man Or Monster Developer Blog 3: The Monsters!

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 4: See the Sights

Man Or Monster Developer Blog #4: See The Sights

UPDATE: Man or Monster has been unleashed! PLAY NOW!

Man Or Monster has tons of cities that you can protect as the Man or destroy as the Monsters. Our developers have recreated famous cities from around the world in a voxel style, along with their iconic landmarks. Diederik Groesbeek talked to us about the decisions behind the locations in the game.

Minotaurus quietly contemplating destruction

Minotaurus quietly contemplates destruction

“When you think of monster movies, you almost immediately think of King Kong in New York and Godzilla in Tokyo. Los Angeles too maybe, but since we can only do a limited amount of cities we wanted to have a wide range of locations from different continents and countries. That meant that we had to drop LA: New York is just a much more iconic city for a monster attack! Perhaps if we had an extra-terrestrial alien we could have included it.

“We included Rio de Janeiro because of this year’s World Cup… hopefully they don’t get a Monster visiting for real this summer!”

Myself and my fellow Man Or Monster creators are from the Netherlands, so we thought Amsterdam would be cool for all our friends here. And of course, we’ve been working closely with the Miniclip team in London, so that was a no-brainer as well. Brazil had to be in there because of this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, so we thought Rio just had to be included. Let’s just hope that they don’t get a Monster visiting for real this summer!”

See the Sights

“We made loads of landmarks for Man Or Monster – and I’m pleased to say that every one we made has been included in the final game. It was very time consuming to build each one so we planned out right from the beginning which ones we wanted to go with. Although, we had to redo some because they were too small for the monster to destroy!”

Some of the many landmarks you can protect... or step on.

Some of the many landmarks you can protect… or step on. How many can you name?

“The Statue Of Liberty was one of the first we made and when I first saw it in the game I remember being incredibly excited. When we created buildings like the Coliseum and the Football Stadium in Rio De Janeiro, those were cool as well as you can almost go ‘inside them’. At one point during testing, we placed all landmarks in a single city so we could play around with them. That was pretty awesome!”

City Planning

“We wanted to add some strategy to how the player approaches defending or destroying a city, so we designed the levels to encourage the player to plan their defense against the monster and fully utilize their inventory of units. We usually have the monster approach from the sea – this gives the Man some time to place mines and boats to fight off the Monster before it even reaches the city. We also added some waterways to cities so the Man can make good use of boats there too.”


Place units on buildings, the ground or even on water

“When you’re playing as the Monster, some cities are so well defended by Mammoth and Heavy Tanks (for example Moscow), that you’ll need to make good use of your ranged attacks to destroy them first.

We also wanted to recreate LA (including Hollywood) with more varied landscaped like hills, caves and canyons. But these posed a lot of technical challenges which meant that we couldn’t include it in the game.”

World Building

“People just love to collect stuff, ever since Pac-Man – so we’ve included lots of little things for players to find while they’re playing. Watch out for red parachutes that drop crates with goodies, they sometimes even contain additional units for you to deploy in case you’ve run out!  Every city contains a hidden Man Coin and a Monster Coin to collect. Some of them are located inside buildings and pretty hard to spot. You have to find them all to get all the achievements.”


Miniclip has Monster Attack Insurance

“These little things just bring a city more to life, and they also make it more unique. In each city there are animals, objects, cars or advertisements that are really recognizable for a particular country (for example the blue police box in London). It’s not only more stuff to destroy… although you can blow it up if you want!”

If you’ve missed it, take a look at the awesome launch trailer for Man Or Monster. Next week’s developer blog is focusing on the finishing touches being done on Man Or Monster as we get it ready for launch!

Man Or Monster: Launch Blog Post

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 1: Building A World

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 2: Who’s the Man?

Man Or Monster Developer Blog 3: The Monsters!

Introducing: Bike Rivals

Bike Rival son iPad Air

Start your engines!

Bike Rivals is our latest game: an extreme stunt racer in insane environments with tons of tracks, unlockable bikes, and both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Each track is packed with obstacles to overcome on your way to the finish line. Outrun rampaging boulders, land a precision jump on a boat, twist through loops and flip upside down to ride along cavern roofs – each track has its own particular challenges as you try to set the best time possible and beat your friends.

Bike Rivals combines both touch and tilt controls: tap to accelerate, brake and use nitro boosts, but also tilt to angle your bike into flips, wheelies, and precision landings. You’re racing against the clock, but this isn’t a game where you can hold down the accelerator and zip through each track: you’ll need to carefully balance speed with making sure your bike lands on both wheels. Or avoid bashing your head on the ceiling. Or getting crushed by a falling rock. Or falling into a lake. Or getting blown to bits by an exploding barrel.

There are a whole host of bikes to unlock, each with a distinct style and different attributes. Some have higher top speeds, others handle better and some have that extra acceleration boost you’ll need to fly through a loop from a standing start.

Bike Rivals is still in development, but over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you regular blog updates from the games team, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes info on how the game is coming along. Make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow the official @Miniclip Twitter account to get all the latest details.

In the meantime, check out some of these first-look Bike Rivals screenshots!

The Details

Name: Bike Rivals

Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Bike Rivals obstacle Bike Rivals volcano Bike Rivals slime Bike Rivals chopper Bike Rivals big wheel