8 Ball Community Update, January 2014

Happy New Year, 8 Ballers! We’re super-excited about some of the new stuff we’re working on for 8 Ball Pool in 2014, and these updates are the first place you’ll hear about them. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to since our Christmas update.

Beat The Boss

As we’re sure you’ve seen, Miniclip chief Big Rob took to the tables of 8 Ball Pool last week to play against some of the 8 Ball community. He took on as many challengers as he could squeeze in – maybe you were one of the people he played! Out of ten games, he won 4 and, er, lost the other 6. Big thanks to everyone who logged in to challenge him, and congratulations to our boss-beaters Edvinas, Loayh9, Humayun, Bo, Denizarikan12 and Chaddy111222!

Look out for details of when Big Rob is online!

Look out for details of when Big Rob is online!

Were you logged in, but didn’t manage to get a game? Don’t panic – we’re looking to make Beat The Boss a regular event. But remember that you’ve got to be quick – there’s a lot of people who want to take him down…!

So, how do you go about joining the action? Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for announcements of the next event, and make sure you’re logged in to the game on Miniclip or Facebook (not mobile) at the time given. Hit Play Friends and search for Big Rob’s player profile, RobertMiniclipand add him – if you’ve not already done so. In the Play Friends page, you’ll be able to see when he’s online, and when he’s in a game – it’ll show his status as “Busy”. The moment that “Busy” disappears, hit the challenge button to send your request!

To make sure that all players have a fair chance of playing, Big Rob will accept the first challenge he receives – get ready to click that mouse button!

If you have any ideas that you think may improve our Beat the Boss event (live-streaming? exclusive awards?), please let us know either in the comments below, on Facebook, or by emailing us on social at miniclip dot com.

8 Ball on web – updated

It's now much easier to see ALL your achievements in the game, from your Player Profile page.

It’s now much easier to see ALL your achievements in the game, from your Player Profile page.

We released a new version of 8 Ball on web and Facebook last week, mainly focussed on improving the game’s interface to make it cleaner and faster to navigate. We’re sure some of you have already noticed the new nav bar on 8 Ball on Facebook which gives you easier access to your friends, items and more.

We’ve also changed how your achievements are displayed in the game: in your player profile is a new button which shows all your unlocked achievements (and the ones you’ve still got to win), so all you completionists can accurately check your progress!

Finally, we’ve also put your friends list in alphabetical order to make it quicker and easier to find your friends for a game. We’re working on a way to display your friends by how often you’ve played them to make sure your favourite opponents are at the top. Less scrolling through lists, more playing 8 Ball!

No guideline, no problem

No Guideline mode is coming to elite tiers on mobile.

No Guideline mode is coming to elite tiers on mobile.

Looking ahead, we have new updates in store for 8 Ball Pool on mobile too. One of the bigger changes is something that we’ve had plenty of requests for – a no guideline mode. Yup, this means that in the highest tiers, 8 Ball will be played without a guideline and you’ll have to use your own skill and judgement to beat your opponent. We’re looking forward to a few games of this ourselves – it should be the ultimate test of 8 Ball skill!

We’re also continuing to roll out new language versions of 8 Ball on mobile. The next update on all platforms will contain Russian and Turkish translations, and iOS users will also now have the 6 languages included in the Android update at the end of 2013.

Cool stuff from the Community

We’re not even a month into 2014 and we’ve already been sent some great new trickshots by our players. Huge thanks to Arvind, Amruth, Kunal908, Kilkiju and plenty of others for their incredible creativity and 8 Ball skill – we’ve been loving your videos and we’ll include as many as we can in our new Trickshot Masterclass #3! It’s already looking pretty sweet – we’re putting it together at the moment.

Remember, if you want your trickshot to make it into our masterclass, email us at social at miniclip dot com. This bit of showboating from Amruth is our current favourite!

That’s all for this month’s update! As always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions on new features and improvements to 8 Ball. We look forward to hearing what you guys make of the no guideline mode, and any ideas you have for making Beat The Boss even better!

Enjoy the game,

The 8 Ball Pool Team

81 thoughts on “8 Ball Community Update, January 2014

    • Fza876 (8ballname) says:

      Hello, I’m Fza876 on Pool . I think miniclip team should unlock the tourneys . And should also give a chance to the players to Convert Coins to Cash Though they can buy the cues ..


    • Rick Sparling says:

      Love the game, but I don’t know about winning points so I can buy the speed bump for breaking…also p’s me off when I get disconnected and lose the $$$ I would like to see call pocket on the $500 games. Not just the 8 ball. The free spin is a good feature but when you spin and get a free spin it’s sort of redundant. Also not sure where I’m going to get a response on this, so if you have one hopefully it will go to my e-mail. ps Looking for more descriptions other than “good game”, “nice shot”, “well played” and the limited selection you offer. I see some by other players & wondered where they got them. Thx Rick

    • Ben M says:

      Hi Jeremiah, you may need to visit the Amazon Store on your Kindle Fire and download the update directly from there.

  1. KillingFya says:

    Hi please help, I have a problem with challenging my friend, who is playing On Computer version on Facebook, and I am on my andoid smartphone. When I click on challenge , nothing hapens! FB dont let her know, that I am asking for a game with her. Can anyone help me ? And the same problem resist , when she send me from pc to my android version. But PC to PC it is working. And sorry for my English 🙂

    • Marion Barrie says:

      I have the same issue. Can play PC to PC but not PC to mobile app. Friend not showing in mobile app as a player, just a FB friend – what can we do to fix? Want to play on my tablet not in FB on a PC.

    • Just says:

      Has this be resolved? my son and I want to challenge each other. But we only have one PC and one android tablet?

    • Ben M says:

      Hi Linda – we suggest that you contact our Support team with this problem and they’ll be able to help you out: mcgam.es/support- 🙂

    • Sachi Perez says:

      Finally got this to work. It had been over 24 hours since I changed my pic on facebook and IOS 8 balls was still not showing new pic.
      – i logged out of facebook on 8 ball.
      – i deleted the app.
      – i reinstalled the app.
      – i logged in with facebook and the new picture appeard

      I could have sworn I did this yesterday. Maybe I did it differently or the fact that so much time had passed since the update on facebook.
      I hope this helps…

  2. darksidemike says:

    Ben, A few issues that I would like to bring to your attention:
    1. When is the “balls periodically rearranging themselves during play” glitch going to get fixed?
    2. Also the London tourney is only paying out 800 coins for a win, not 1000 coins?
    3. There is a problem when clicking on a players profile while awaiting your next opponent in the tournament bracket screen. If you click on a players avatar to view their profile, the info comes up normally, but after reviewing you can’t make it go away because their profile is blocking their avatar and you no longer can click on it….so what happens is your next game begins and you can’t see the pool table because of that profile image is still on the screen. You used to be able to click on the actual profile info screen to make it go away and not have to click on the players avatar.

    I have put in a request to the support team in regards to these issues, but they haven’t been corrected as of yet.
    Hopefully you can help in this matter.

    Thanks for your support.

    • Ben M says:

      Hey Mike – we fixed that glitch a little while ago. If you’re still experiencing problems like that, please do contact our Support team and they’ll investigate for you: http://mcgam.es/support-

      The higher tournaments have larger payouts (as a percentage) than the London Tournament because the initial entry fee is higher – there’s more risk, so there’s more reward.

      You can close a player’s profile by clicking anywhere outside of the profile box. Hope this helps!

  3. alexandre ecut says:

    this app will close when i try to log with my facebook and google+ accounts, i play on android gingerbread 2.0. please fix soon..!

  4. zip11737a says:

    What a shame , After I believed miniclip solved the lost connection problem, I was took for 10,000 coins on 20,000 coin game. Not a shot was made and I get robbed. Fix this and at least don’t cheat the players when this happens. Extremely disappointed. I do expect an answer soon!

  5. brian says:

    when playing for high stakes games. some players are able to cheat and cause an error to take the coins from the pot.they are able to swipe the cue ball off the table an then the game goes to error. anybody else have this happen?

  6. Randy says:

    Hi Ben, love multi-player 8-ball, but it seems to happen alot in the past few weeks that the cue ball the cue stick vanish off the table and you lose the game. I’ve lost mega- points on this issue, so many others and I hate to think your losing players due to this but you probably are. I hope you can correct the problem so we all can come and enjoy the game.
    Good luck, Rndyc

    • Sid says:

      Yep I too have reported this several times but seems our genius programmers ( and I’m not being cynical you really are for creating a great gam) can’t do much about it. In all walks of life there are the cheats and spoilers. This game attracts them like flies on cowpats. It’s to do with jail break phones I believe whatever they are. If only our geniouses could zap them from a satellite. C’mon guys you can do it😋

    • zip11737a says:

      Randy, this has happened to me on both counts. Not only losing games but also winning games that lock up and say I won. Not always a hacker problem. I only want credit for what I honestly win. Check it out mini clip.

  7. Matt Kiley says:

    I want the previous qualifying system for the tournaments to be reinstated.. That eliminated some of the slop players, not to mention my trophy tournament cues are no longer trophies because joe schmuckatelli can buy his way into tourney. Part of the challenge of this game was earning your way into the next tournament level and having the cue to show off with…Oh yeah how is it possible for player to be at level 82 (Grand Master), I’m lvl 41(feel as though I’ve been @ Virtuoso forever) I have 918 more games played, 6,311 more balls potted and 103 more tournament wins. Yet this guy is 41 levels above me? I can say this I’m addicted to the game, love it !!

  8. Ernest MCCRARY says:

    Hey I thought you were gonna fix the server I see from reading about some of the other players getting the same problem I’m having when your winning the opponent puts up the server and guess what your right you loose the game you people keep saying your gonna fix it we’ll do it I’m out a bunch of coins and I’m tired of it

  9. Ian Chapman says:

    Can you do a de-select pocket feature? If you accidentally select the wrong pocket you can’t undo or swap. How about click to select, then click again to de-select?

  10. Sheree says:

    I have a question that is strictly from the point of curiosity. I realize somebody can lose their internet connection and drop out of the game. Does anybody out there ever get the feeling somebody has dropped out for personal reasons like “don’t want to play an American” or “especially don’t want to play an American woman?” I realize the woman thing could be from their culture. We are playing people from all over the world and I enjoy it very much. I especially like to play against good sportsmanlike people who don’t make fun of you with a HeHe or something similar when you make a mistake. If dropouts are doing that due to politics or culture, that’s sad. Where sports and games come in, all personal feelings should be cast aside. Good luck and happy gaming to everybody!

    • Rick says:

      I wouldn’t drop out because I am playing a certain race, gender or poor sport. I play against most races because I live in a multi-cultured country (Canada) and there are many female players in my city (Winnipeg) and many darn good ones at that. I might sign off if I sell out a game because of an easy miss, but I am only disgusted with myself. Rick in Winnipeg. (Good Luck)

    • zip11737a says:

      Oddly enough I have had those same thoughts lately. This is a game where we all come together and can enjoy each others’ company and put aside petty prejudices. Replies like HEHE are juvenile. I have seen my flag displayed upside down and burning in the back ground. Also commented I was happy to have a Japanese as an opponent. there should be other responses available that are a bit more courteous. Any suggestion out there?

    • Sid says:

      Good comment this game like the pool dives in reality world attracts misfits you ain’t gonna change that somebody will always be around the corner to have a go. But this hehe lark and constantly hitting the comment box to put of the opponent is crap and can I am sure be easily fixed by our programme Gods. I have mentioned this to them but no response so c’mon guys n gals let the pool deity know the majority of players want a fair game. All they gotta do is limit the comments per game to 2 or 3. I love it when they hehe and get beat.

    • Sid says:

      One other point. Take a screen shot of the players stats and send them to Miniclip they will then be able to chastise the offenders. On an ipad which I play on this is simply pressing the home button and off button same time.

  11. Rick says:

    I wondered how some players have other comments they can make & I find some missing from mine. I have good game, nice try, nice cue, nice table, good luck, well played, you’re good, sorry gotta run, pure skill, close, unlucky, he he, thanks. Would like to see, “I got lucky” , “too good for me”, “R u kidding?”, “nice run” & you can get rid of nice cue, he he and nice table.

  12. zip11737a says:

    Well this old man is giving it another try. Dumped the WiFi. Installed Hughs-Net dish. Hope there is no more excessive lost connections, or it will be a problem with 8 ball for sure. Lets shoot some stick.

  13. Benny says:

    Mini clip 8 ball pool is possibly the best online pool game I have played so far!
    Except a few little floss here & there, ie: the comments tab is good but sometimes being abuse by some nuisance players who keep spamming non stop with the comments which is really very disturbing & spoil the game! There should be an on/off selection to block the opponent comments if they start to spam them.
    Facebook or miniclip players should be categorized under same group for match play or tournament & players log in as guests should play only with guests.

  14. Vinny Fratesi says:

    Hi Ben, I’v been experiencing a lag problem and was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem?? I love the game but I’m about to give up on it because of this reason. It is not my computer, it’s beyond capable of playing flash games and everything is up date. I’v even tried dedicating more memory and ram specifically to the browser in hope that it would fix this issue but no. The first game I play is usually fine but after that the lag gets worse and worse causing me to lose several games and tournaments. It is really aggravating and if something is not done about this I will no longer play the game. I don’t understand the problem because I can play any other games with no issues at all. It never lags while playing Quick Fire Pool, just the multiplayer version which is way funner than playing by yourself. Thanks.

  15. zip11737a says:

    About game comments; what about like in a real game. When you want the ball to roll all the way to the pocket say “get legs”. And if you don’t want the cue ball to scratch you say “chewing gum” in hopes it will stop.

  16. skg says:

    When will be the 8 ball pool available for WP8 OS??? Still awaiting for the launch. You have launched other games on Windows Phone OS but not the 8 ball pool. Please do the need full ASAP. we are seriously missing the game in WP8. Hope to have the game soon.

  17. HighEnglish says:

    Most, or at least many, players know how to break such that a ball is always pocket in the far left pocket on the break. 5 out of 6 players I encounter break this way, and it always works. May I suggest a minor programming refinement to make the break more realistic? In physical pool, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” rack, because a human does the racking. I suggest a tiny random factor be introduced into the position of at least one of the balls in the rack, or maybe a random number of the balls. That way, a skilled player could pocket a ball on the break most of the time, but not every time. That would add realism.

    Love the game! Thanks for your support.

  18. Playstore says:

    Hi Ben,
    How can i find somebody, whom i met on miniclip, on facebook?
    We have been playing a lot of games but we dont have any option to share our details and be friends on facebook.
    Or is there any option to chat whatever we want while playing?
    Please help.

  19. Simon Davies says:

    Why is the mobile version so so different to the Web version don’t understand why there are items and game modes on Web that u can’t get on mobile . Got a galaxy note 2 so really don’t understand the reasoning for it at all . Sometimes it’s the lack of attention to detail that can spoil a promising game

  20. Tom Fuller says:

    What blows me away is that I play some people who have a way higher rating than me, but their winning percentage is much lower. how can you have someone with less money, lower winning percent, less games played, less balls pocketed and be a grand master??? Also bring back the regular old games and just add the more demanding games along with them. When you run out of coins, it takes too long to build back up to where your were before, especially when the game kicks you out for no apparent reason. Thanks for hearing me out…..Tom

  21. hazem minkara says:

    Hiiiii im hazem , I changed my miniclip nickname and avatar on computer and it worked, but on my android mobile my old avatar and name is there, I uninstalled the game to wait for it , do u know when will it change and be permanent pleaseee??

  22. Scott says:

    I’ve made a few friends while playing 8 ball pool through the game and was wondering if there will be a way of sending friend requests back via facebook to them? Would be good to make it a social follow up from the game.

  23. Jami McPherson says:

    On the shop page where you buy more cash or coins it says receive a free scratcher with every purchase. Well, I have made 2(two) purchases and received 0 (zero) scratchers. Please make it right. I enjoy the heck outta this game. It is absolutely awesome!! The best online 8-BALL game on the web. Thanks

  24. John Gallagher says:

    Can I combine my Facebook and G+ accounts…initially I signed in with G+ and have built up a lot of £ etc but I’d like you transfer this to my Facebook so I can play against my friends on Facebook but keep all my £ achievements and win / loss records intact

  25. Gaff1974 says:

    Hiya how do I get my photo on 8 ball pool whilst logged into miniclip? And can we have some new matches for bigger money £2 50,000 gets a bit boring when you’ve got lots of money but don’t wanna risk it all on one all in game.

  26. Yurple says:

    My husband doesn’t believe I’m playing against live opponents in 8 Ball Pool. What can I do to convince him that I am? He doesn’t believe that there are that many players playing 24/7. Help!

  27. allan says:

    how do I get my photo on or avatar on 8 ball pool tried the video on youtube but doesn’t work aswell working for it like hourssssssss HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP……………………..

  28. NIKOLAOS says:

    why miniclip asks for password when i try to logo in with my google+ account which i use with my mobile.I dont have to put in a password through my phone , why do i need a password through the laptop? That means i can NOT use the same account I use on my mobile thats stupid , please fix it.

  29. Dan Tyas says:

    Hi, i have set on 8 ball pool the facebook pic. How do i set my avatar as profile pic on this game? I changed it from the profile edit but it doesnt work.

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