Miniclip Roundup #3 – New Year, New Games

Happy New Year from all at Miniclip! To kick off 2014, here’s our monthly update with all the latest on the games you should be playing this January. Grey, dreary January: the perfect month for gaming.

This is Black Sun in Survival Mode. It's crazy.

This is Black Sun in Survival Mode. It’s crazy.

New games out now

As you may know, we ran our Best of 2013 poll at the end of November (won by 8 Ball Pool) – but then we went and released some other great games a few weeks later! One of them is quite breathtakingly brilliant – one of the best-looking Unity games we’ve ever seen, and a serious amount of fun. We’re talking, of course, about the explosive space shooter Black Sun. If you’ve not played it yet… well… the link’s right there, people.

If you’re currently thinking “I don’t quite feel like playing a game right now, but what I would like to do is watch a totally awesome trailer for the game you’re talking about” then that’s cool, we can roll with that. *ahem*

Only the toughest cowboys and cowgirls will make it through Saloon Brawl 2.

Only the toughest cowboys and cowgirls will make it through Saloon Brawl 2.

Raft Wars 2. Mind the shark.

Raft Wars 2. Mind the shark.

But enough about Black Sun (play it play it play it) – December also saw the release of wild west beat-em-up Saloon Brawl 2. In this sequel, your only weapons are your fists – but when you’re this tough, what more do you need? Use your special attacks to keep those darn cowboys at bay, and stay light on your feet to beat down the big bosses. We also released Raft Wars 2 – a kooky little turn-based game where you have to try and knock your enemies into the water before they do the same to you. This game has a slightly odd sense of humour and proved very popular on Miniclip in December.

A game that proved even more popular in the Miniclip office last week was Ski Safari. Someone (mentioning no names *cough Big Rob cough*) managed to set a ridiculously high score in this game, which led to many of us trying to top it on our lunchbreak. Much penguin-skating and yeti-riding later, most of us were Ski Safari experts and had broken the 200,000 points barrier. For a little while there, all we could hear were the sounds of chirping penguins.

Can you top that score? One of our Twitter followers, XeroTheSage, posted an awesome 298,202… which one of our team has just gone past (330,290). Good luck on the ski slopes! Ride those yeti!

New games coming soon in 2014

Yup, we have some really cool new stuff coming out this year – in fact, two of them, Quantum Patrol and Western Front 1914, are out already. But you can check out a showcase of some of our forthcoming games in this video. Can’t wait for Total Wreckage!

Total Wreckage is coming soon to Miniclip. Destruction Derby!

Total Wreckage is coming soon to Miniclip. Destruction Derby!

Motocross Nitro – a brand new update

Motocross Nitro has been updated: new levels, new vehicles!

Motocross Nitro has been updated: new levels, new vehicles!

We rocked out a massive update to Motocross Nitro a few weeks ago, including new vehicles (skimobiles! yay!), new tracks, and a ton of awards to win, leaderboards to top, and unlockables to… um… unlock. Grab your bike (or skimobile), switch out the colours, pick your number and your decals before hitting the slopes. Oh yes, you can customize your rider too, not to mention upgrade your ride with extra power, nitro and control. There is an absolute ton of new features to explore – plus, of course, the game is awesome. Don’t miss out.

YouTube videos of our games

You’ve probably seen that there’s a bit of a YouTube controversy going down at the moment, with lots of YouTubers being hit with copyright claims over the games that they’ve made videos of themselves playing. We know that lots of our players like making videos of themselves playing Miniclip games, so we wanted to clarify: Miniclip will never stop you from making videos of our games. We love watching those videos, and we’ve even featured some on our site and on our social pages.

Rail Rush is one of our most-downloaded games, available on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Rail Rush is one of our most-downloaded games, available on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

On top of that, we’re also very happy for users to make money from those videos in the form of YouTube adverts. Seriously! Check out our blog post on this for more info.

Miniclip hits 250m downloads

If you’ll allow us a small moment of self-congratulation, we went past the landmark of a quarter of a billion downloads of our mobile titles a few weeks ago. Our top titles have been Rail Rush (34m downloads), iStunt (25m) and Fragger (24m) – thanks everyone for playing! You can read more about this achievement here. Achievement Unlocked!

Christmas Jumper Day

The Miniclip London office joined in with national Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for the charity, Save The Children – we’ve never seen such an impressive array of festive knitwear. A couple of the more… well, interesting jumpers even featured fairy lights. Truly it was a sight to behold. And behold it you may with this great picture.

Miniclip Christmas Jumper Day

Beat us at our own game

Soon you'll have the chance to take us on at our own game!

Soon you’ll have the chance to take us on at our own game!

You may have seen this mentioned on our Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter, but we’ve been planning something fun with 8 Ball Pool. Yup, we’re going to give you the chance to take us on at our own game in special 8 Ball events. Look out for more details very soon – and don’t forget to follow us (if you’re not already) to make sure you don’t miss out.

That’s all for this month – have a great, game-filled January!

15 thoughts on “Miniclip Roundup #3 – New Year, New Games

  1. ACE-KISS says:

    Addicted to 8 ball pool, but too many novice players just hit any ball. Is there any way of setting up tournaments based on experience? Please get rid of the comments. nothing worse than playing an opponent who likes hitting the comments more than the game. If not; then could you add the comments: :HURRY UP” or “TOO SLOW” Looking forward to new tables and cloth.
    Q- Anyone really win the Lucky Cue yet on the wheel?
    Keep up the good work

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